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Is The 'Premium Planner Society' For You?

Can you relate to this?

If You Can Relate, Then You Are Officially Qualified To Become A Member Of Premium Planner Society (PPS)

From: Kimberly Perrymond

To: Future Premium Planners

I have a quick question for you...

You ever find yourself leaving from an event and feeling unfulfilled?

You get a few hundred or thousand likes on your Facebook, but you bank account is negative.

You feel like you are wasting your time because you have have to pay out staff and vendor fees just to make a small profit, if that.

I know exactly how you feel because I have been there myself.

What if I told you that there is a place for you in this space.

And that you were made for something BIGGER and your success has a lot to do with the environment you are in.

I understand you want...

More Success...

More Fulfillment...

More Structure...

More Positive Relationships...

When I first started....

I was pushing myself to the limit and stressing myself out!

I would do parties for $275 and would end up having to do most of the work because the family members that I tried to get some help from either left me hanging or said it was too much work for them and not enough money.

I Knew Something Had To Change

So that's when I took the chance and invested in myself...

I bought a course that taught me how to actually become not just a regular party planner, but a PREMIUM one.

It allowed me to take my skills to another level and I was able to take what I learned and started to work with celebrity clients. This is how I was able to build a 6-figure event planning empire and now I am here to help you!

The More You Learn, The More You Earn

You have to get in the rooms and join the communities where you thrive and be held accountable.

You are not as far off as you think....All you need is a support system, a business system, and a coach who can lead to where you want to go.

So for my birthday.... I am inviting you to..

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Premium Party Planners

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Establish the bedrock of your success with a powerful mindset and a solid foundation. Gain the confidence to navigate the industry and set the stage for a thriving party planning business.

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Premium Group Coaching Sessions and tutorials teaching you how to create Jaw dropping designs that will help you make bank

Community With Accountability

CREAM CRM- #1 CRM for Event Pros

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$197 Today

Then Only $97/mo

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Kim Perrymond

A multi-talented creative designer and celebrity event curator with a passion for helping others, Kimberly Perrymond, founder of EZPZ Party Planning, has made it her mission to inspire and educate women event planners from all walks of life.

With a Rolodex of celebrity and high-profile clients, Kimberly uses her decade of industry expertise and know-how to teach aspiring and up-and-coming event planners and business owners how to turn their love for event planning into profitable empires that pull in legacy-building wealth.

Her online party planning school has provided hundreds of ambitious goal getters with the wisdom and confidence they need to quit their jobs, launch businesses and even handle their family’s financial responsibilities as the pandemic wreaked havoc in the global economy.

When it comes to pouring her wisdom into others, Kimberly knows no limits.

Outside of her online party planning school and countless masterclasses, Kimberly also regularly shares insider secrets on event planning and winning business strategies with the 50,000 members inside her EZPZ Party Planning Posse Facebook Group.

In addition, she hosts wildly popular design workshops in Florida that attract women worldwide.Whether she’s planning events that excite her clients or teaching other entrepreneurs how to build profitable businesses, Kimberly’s life-changing work is rooted in making sure ambitious men and women not only get in the game but WIN it.